Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wikity wikity whack...

Ha sorry...had to do it for my title. I don't really think that wikispaces are whack. I actually really like them. This is my first semester using a wiki so it's been interesting trying to figure everything out about it. I kind of hated it at first, but now that I'm starting to find my way around our wikispace I'm pretty impressed.And after looking through Amy's blog some more I found out another really cool feature of wikis. Apparently she was able to do a presentation using her wikispace...and guess was a hit. According to Amy, "One advantage of this approach is that the participants were in a more conversational mindset. They were very engaged in the discussion, and they weren’t just passively taking notes. In effect, I was taking notes for them while leading the discussion. That seemed to free them up mentally to engage more fully with the action."
I hate public speaking and getting in front of a class to give a speech is the last thing I ever want to do. So later this semester I'm going to have to give a presentation in Media Ethics on a case study and think of engaging questions to spark conversation. After reading some of Amy's blog maybe I'll go ahead and try her approach. I suggest taking a look at her wiki.
Let me know what you think of the idea or if you've ever used a wiki as a presentation tool.

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