Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Facebook...

Facebook has nearly 40 million viewers, it is currently the 7th most visited website in the world and as a nation we are spending 233 million hours searching through the site every month.
We all have it. At least most of us anyway. People join Facebook in order to connect with people, to talk about common ideas through groups and the all too famous 'Stalkerbook' is still being talked about. But what's in it for journalists? Or how can the campus newspapers use Facebook to their advantage?
It seems like larger news organizations are joining Facebook and benefiting from it. The BBC's Newsnight program has created two Facebook groups to gather contacts for reporters and to build closer viewer relations. And according to Magda, news organizations are working together to use social networking to better distribute news content.
Either way, Facebook just keeps getting bigger and bigger and keeps adding more and more applications and features. With all of these updates what can college medias, particularly The Breeze, do to improve?
I hear a lot of students say that The Breeze does not cover important events and issues around the JMU campus. Maybe to help improve student satisfaction with The Breeze, the newspaper could start a Facebook group that allows people to join and post comments on different topics that they would like covered. This gives students an opportunity to work directly with The Breeze and to feel more connected with their school newspaper. Each section of the newspaper, such as News or Arts and Entertainment, could have a different group and students can voice their concerns or their opinions.
How do you think student media could make use of Facebook and other social networks?

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