Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogging...credible or not?

Alright, let’s be honest. I really don’t know what to think about journalism and blogging. After doing a little research and now that I blog on my own I’m starting to understand the main difference between blogging and journalism. First off, I do think that journalists should stand for certain issues. Everyone does it, so we might as well be up front about it. It’s healthier that way.
Buuuut….even when journalists are biased they have rules that they have to follow. A journalist needs to have their facts checked, they can’t take bribes, they ask questions and care about telling the truth. Basically, journalists care about ethics. And this is what gives journalism its credibility.
Blogging on the other hand leaves room for fraud and inaccuracy. Many people don’t blog in order to truthfully inform people about burning issues…instead many journalists use it for marketing purposes. Someone once said that’s why journalists blog. “Not because the established media does not permit free speech, but because they’re high on themselves.” Blogging in its nature has become inaccurate and has led people to undermine the credibility of the blogosphere. Reporters have to at least try to not include their personal opinions and be as objective as possible. Bloggers on the other hand don’t even try to hide their opinions and therefore, everything you read from a blogger is skewed in some way.
On the other hand blogging could be even more credible because it isn’t filtered. People are able to say what they want without being worried about what their supporters will say. It’s enormously informing and revealing to read a blogger’s post.
Blogging and journalism are both important and like I said earlier, need each other. There’s a place for both and I don’t think either one will ever replace the other.
What do you think?

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