Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welcome to JameSMADison Media

Ok. First things first. My name is Kristina and I am finally a senior at James Madison University. I am currently taking classes in the School of Media Arts and Design ( we’ll call it SMAD) with a concentration in Print Journalism (the profession that’s still very much alive no matter what anyone says). I guess when I graduate I would like to work with either a local magazine or a local newspaper. I never had the aspiration or want to work with The New York Times or any other huge publication. I obviously love writing no matter how much I stress about it or else I wouldn’t be making a career out of it. In other words, I definitely did not pick journalism for the money.
So because I am a media arts and design major, I figured it’s only fitting for me to focus on the student media. According to the encyclopedia media can be “Any form of information, including music and movies. This may also refer to CDs, DVDs, videotapes and other prerecorded material. Or the trade press.” The trade press would include newspapers and magazines. From a student’s perspective, my most widely used type of media would have to be either newspapers or the internet. I use mostly newspapers for school news and the internet for world news. I find that a newspaper will always be useful when it comes to local news. I also like actually having something in my hands when I’m reading, so I could be biased. No matter what kind of media is being used, whether it’s multi-media or the trade press, students are always going to need an outlet to express their opinions, ideas, or the news. Even if it’s through a blog.

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