Thursday, September 20, 2007

Continuing with The Breeze

I might as well go ahead and get this out of the's inevitable. I have to take up a post and rant about The Breeze. It was bound to happen.
So ever since I was a freshman I always read The Breeze. I couldn't wait to write stories for it and thought it was the best thing in the world. Then this semester I started to write for them and I realized something...they mess up...A LOT. And I'm not just talking about little a mispelled word here and a grammar mistake there, but huge things that anybody should be able to catch. And maybe I wouldn't care so much except I'm kinda counting on these articles that I have in the newspaper to go towards my portfolio.
I'll go ahead and give you an example.
This morning I was all excited to get my copy of The Breeze and look at my article about the dangers of smoking hookah. I was reading along, happy with the results when suddenly...oh my gosh...i mispelled a name. And this was an obvious mess-up. This name was Kristin and in the newspaper it was spelled krsitin. Huge Mistake. How could I do that!?
Then I went ahead and looked at my copy of the story that I sent into The Breeze and realized something important...I actually spelled the name correctly. But when The Breeze tried to format my story into their layout they must have cut off part of my sentence then re-typed it....spelling the name wrong. I was pissed (can I say that?).
Not only can I not use this story for my portfolio, which I was really excited about, but now this discredits me as a writer and reporter. And i know every newspaper and publication has their mistakes, but there have been mistakes made by The Breeze, and not myself, on about 75% of my articles. This does not make me happy.
Sorry, but I had to rant about this.

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