Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Campus Newspapers

I serve as a witness that newspapers are losing the attention of youger readers. Now with the internet and television, getting the news is so much easier than trying to navigate yourself around an actual newspaper. But there's one outlet for news that is defying the trend altogether; college newspapers.
Think of what almost all of your classmates are doing 5 minutes before classes start on Monday and Thursday mornings. That's right; they're reading The Breeze. And if you don't happen to get a copy before noon the day they come out then you're forced to share or get lucky and find one of the leftovers from a table nearby. Either way, campus newspapers are actually gaining popularity with students and faculty both reading them.
I mean, look at the opinion section of The Breeze. Every week students write into the newspaper with articles and the oh-so-famous "Darts and Pats" that everyone loves. The truth of the matter is that students will always want a way to get their local and campus news and campus newspapers provide that. It's a way for students to feel as if they are a deeper part of something that only the JMU population can be part of.
As a writer for The Breeze I take notice of how many people are reading the newspaper on Mondays and Thursdays. It's exciting to know that people are reading and using your articles to get their information. It's astonishing to see the number of students that depend on the campus newspaper to get their news.
But most importantly; it's always rewarding to hear a teacher tell the students "Alright, put away you're Breeze" because the students just couldn't get enough of the campus newspaper.

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