Thursday, December 6, 2007

Life after blogging

Since Newspaper production is almost over, this will probably be one of my last posts in this blog. Unless, of course I decide to keeping blogging about Student Media. But I think I'd like to move on to a broader subject either way.
I just wanted to say Bravo to the Breeze though. I know I gave them some crap earlier about their editing, but I was happy to see that they were adding a blogging section to their online paper. Good for them. I think it was a positive move for The Breeze since media is heading towards a multimedia trend.
But then again....I was upset at The Breeze today. Front page....main picture...huge mistake. The caption for the photo spells Harrisonburg's mayor Rodney Eagle as Rodney Egle. Oh Breeze. And the cutline also didn't say what position all those important people held. Some people might not know who the mayor is. Oh well, guess it happens.
Anyways....back to blogging. I have one other blog about me and's kind of a wedding blog for everyone who's coming to the wedding. We update it when we have a date, location, blah blah blah. Stuff like that. Buuuuut writing in it definitely doesn't make me think. So I think I'd like to start a new blog. I never thought I would everrrrrr want to start a blog before this class. Blogs are lame. Rather, blogs were lame. But now I'm trying to think of a new topic to start writing keep my brain working over Christmas break.

Any ideas for new topics would be greatly appriciatedddd!
I'll miss you Student Media blog :(

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